Series Name
Season 1, Episode 17 (1/2)
Air date December 29, 2004
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The Cow Says Moon
I Love Neddy
 Night of the Living Plush is the first half of the 17th episode of Dave the Barbarian.


Candy has bought too many plush animals. When her room explodes from being stuffed with too much fluff, she finally realizes that she needs to buy more. Chuckles discovers that Candy needs plush toys, and disguises himself as a piggy doll. After Candy buys him and takes him home, she immediately leaves and buys more. Meanwhile Chuckles, using his amulet, creates an army of plush animals, in an attempt to conquer Udrogoth.


  • Dave, Fang, Faffy, and Uncle Oswidge turn into babies in this episode, which is sometimes featured in the credits.


  • When Faffy said, "I bet you'll never", he sounded like Uncle Oswidge.
  • When Uncle Oswidge said, "This beard is itchy", he sounded like Dave.
  • When Dave said, "Uncle Oswidge!" he sounded like Fang.

Episode Edit

Dave the Barbarian 1x17 Night of the Living Plush

Dave the Barbarian 1x17 Night of the Living Plush