Series Name
Season 1, Episode 7 (2/2)
Air date February 6, 2004
Written by John Behnke
Rob Humphrey
Directed by Howy Parkins
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The Way of the Dave
 Beauty and the Zit is the second half of the 7th episode of Dave the Barbarian.


Candy demands Oswidge come up with a magic spell to remove a pimple from her face on the night of the Barbarian Ball, but the zit turns into a zit monster and he's bent on taking her back. However, as it turns-out the monster only wants to be her date to the dance and then the two perform a song that strongly parodies the song Beauty and The Beast. Candy and the Zit's song is called Candy And The Zit.



  • The title of this episode is a parody/play on of Beauty and the Beast.


[Candy asks for fashion advice from Fang.]
Fang: I don't give a rabid weasel's snout what you wear to some stupid dance.
Candy: You don't understand! One fashion mistake, and the other girls will rip me to shreds!
Fang: Cool!
Candy: No, I mean, really, rip me to shreds.
Fang: Cooooool!

Oswidge: I just heard I'm going to emcee the ball! And the emcee always eats first! [Licks lips.] They're gonna have those nutlogs I like!

Dave: I just heard I'll be working the hat check room at the ball. So many hats... It's like a... A beautiful dream.

[Candy screams at the sight of her zit.]
Dave: What is it!? A monstrous ogre!? An ogreous monster!? Tell me quick so I'll know the best way to run away!

Oswidge: A little magic, I'll have that hideous thing off your face faster than you can say, "get this hideous thing off my face."
Candy: Get this hideous thing-
Oswidge: Gitripozene!

[Uncle Oswidge turns Candy into a stack of magazines.]
Dave: Hey, look! It's the Pillaging Illustrated swimsuit issue!
Candy: Move your hand one inch closer, and you'll be pulling back a stump.

Candy: Uncle Oswidge, I could kiss you! If you weren't so short, and old, and ugly, and smelly.
Oswidge: I'm not that short.

Candy: Um... You wanna dance?
Pank: Sure. Wait... you mean with... you?

[The Zit kidnaps Candy.]
Candy: Hank! Do something!
Pank[Looking at his pants.] Uh... I think I just did.

Dave: Okay, I'll do it. But only if I don't have to fight the monster.
Fang: Of course you have to fight the monster! What're you gonna do, bake him a pie!?
Dave: But everybody loves pie!

Ted: You know what I hate most about eating people?
Stu: When their shoes get caught in your teeth?
Ted: Bingo!

Zit: I am Sebacious D. Wisehop. But you may can call me, "Zit."
Candy: I'm Princess Candy.
Zit: I know, I used to be on your forehead.
Candy: Why did you grab me?
Zit: Because I'm a monster! An evil, bloodthirsty, uncivilized monster! Who's totally in love with you!

[Candy tells Dave that zit cream never works.]
Dave: Oh no? Well, this is New-and-Improved Zit-B-Gon!
Zit[Gasps.] Not New-and-Improved Zit-B-Gon! With the miracle ingredient XV-17, zits don't stand a chance against Zit-B-Gon! Now available in regular or grape!
Oswidge: Don't cry, Candy. You're still young. As a teenager, you'll have a lot more chances to fall in love! And if not, at least you'll have a lot more zits!

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Dave the Barbarian 1x07 Beauty and the Zit

Dave the Barbarian 1x07 Beauty and the Zit